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My current amatuer radio transceivers

Main HF base radio: ICOM IC-7300




HF, 2m & 70cm: Yaesu FT-897D




Yaesu portable HF/6meters FT-891




Kenwood TM-D710GA
2m/70cm - APRS - PACKET - TNC
Full Duplex




Current transceiver in the vehicle: ICOM ID-880H D-STAR Dual band transceiver -
This is a really nice radio for the money.




Yaesu FT-817ND and LDG Z-817




My APRS HT: Yaesu VX-8DR quad band 6m/2m/1.25cm/70cm





Kenwood TH-D72A
2m/70cm - APRS - PACKET - TNC
Full Duplex




Retro cool: the ICOM IC-V80 HD 5.5W 2m FM



Other great radios I've owned and enjoyed


HF/VHF/UHF radio: The Yaesu FT-991
All mode transceiver





ICOM IC-910H Satellite trasceiver.
2m/70cm all mode.





QRP / portable: ICOM IC-703 Plus
160m to 6m all mode



HF/VHF/UHF radio: The Yaesu FT-857D





Mirage B-320G 144 Mhz 200W Linear Amplifier with Pre-amp


This is an awesome HT: the ICOM IC-92AD D-STAR dual band transceiver




The MFJ-9440X 40m SSB QRP Transceiver



The MFJ-971 Portable Tuner for MFJ-9440 transceiver



Nice Iambic Paddle > The Vibroplex Code Warrior Jr.



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