Keys Bugs Paddles

Here are some items in my modest collection.

J.H. Bunnell Standard Lever Key a very common key but a must have in any collection - Unknown year


Vibroplex Original Deluxe - 1963 (I'll be adding the decorative plastic cap)



Vibroplex Vibrokeyer Deluxe - 1976
This is an unusual key in that it has the 833 Broadway NY address, yet the label is glued on instead of riveted.
When the Vibroplex co. was in Portland, ME they didn't rivet their labels, so apparently this was left over stock
from when they acquired the Vibroplex company from NY in 1978. So this key was probably produced in 1976
and assembled in Maine in 1978.
I'll be adding the decorative plastic cap.




El-Key - Electronic Key Lever - The first key made for electronic keyers, 1959 - 1963. Rare, only 400 to 600
were manufactured during that time. They came in 3 different color bases: black, light beige, and chrome.





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