ELK Antenna

My review of the 2M/440L5 on youtube


The Elk 2M/440L5 dual band log periodic antenna

This 2m / 70cm antenna can be used handheld or fixed station and is perfect for:
LEO satellites, APRS or voice on the International Space Station, hilltopping,
weak signal, and foxhunting. Only 1 1/2 lbs, 24" long, SO-239 connector, color coded elements,
power rating of 200 watts on 2m, and 100 watts on 70cm. Gain is 8.9 dbi on 2m and 9 dbi on 70cm.

The antenna fits in a small 24" package.


The elements and boom is aluminum, with stainless steel hardware, and PVC 1/2" pipe
The elements are color coded for easy assembly.


The assembled 2M/440L5 antenna with RadioShack 10ft RG8U coax.
You can see the opening for the optional 1" PVC pipe for fixed station or tripod mounting.
The coax has to be perpendicular from the book for about 8.5" for low SWR. Wire ties are used
to fix the loop in place and to run along the pvc pipe.



Testing it on a tripod, with vertical polarization for repeaters.


Testing it on a tripod with horizontal polarization for SSB mode.




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