Automatic Packet Reporting System

I often read the meaning of the acronym APRS as Automatic Position Reporting System. Bob Bruninga, WB4APR,
created APRS and named it Packet. Since Positioning is what most poeple use it for they go by Position but I'd like
to keep Bob's original intent. WB4APR would like APRS to be used for so much more than just
positioning such as messaging, bulletins, weather reporting, etc. So on my website i'll call it Packet.

My current APRS radio is the Kenwood TH-D72A Data Communicator, a much improved TH-D7A. An extremely good dual band radio, the TNC and APRS software with GPS built in is a bonus.

Kenwood TH-D72A



APRS on the International Space Station - ISS

Here is a picture of my Kenwood TM-D710A with a packet from the ARISS APRS radio. I was also able to transmit
my position data and status comments through the ARISS APRS. I believe the APRS the ISS has on board is a Kenwood TM-D700



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