Antenna Photos

ELK 2m/440EL Antenna


My Cushcraft Ringo AR270 2m/440 antenna I use for repeaters



Browning BR180 - 2m / 440 mag mount 37" tall. NMO mag mount



Connection interface from my shack to the outside antennas.
Connectors from the left: 40m dipole, 20m dipole, 10m ground mounted vertical
Twin lead connectors, connector to 148' end fed wire,
ground connector for counterpoises and green wire goes to buried copper pipes


20m dipole 1:1 balon used as a center connector on tree and the 40m same setup above it.
These dipoles are running broadside North - South - excellent for Europe to the N. and the East Coast U.S. to the S.


10 meter ground mounted 5/8 Wave Vertical with 6 ground radials.
I've been working all over the U.S. and Europe with this antenna, QRO and QRP

An antenna not seen in the photos is a 148 ft end end fed wire that I can tune up on
80m 40m 20m 17m 6m and it runs broadside E - W, and is also used for nightime AM broadcast listening.


10 meter Cobra Loaded Magmount I used from metal window ledge in brick building at work.
I was able to make summer skip contacts up to 900 miles with this antenna and 10W on my IC-703



Stormy weather, a good time to experiment with a new antenna and battery for portable operations when spring comes...

Here is a 20 meter dipole on a painters pole connected to a Yaesu FT-450D and 35 ah Gel Cell ... I heard Dominica Island
from here in S. Maine on this portable setup today! I wasn't able to break into the pileup before the band closed...
wow, it was exciting.. I think this antenna is going to work out Great!

Update 2-3-11 QSO with LY5A in Lithuwania from here in S. Maine with the setup below. 65W

The pole is raised to about 8.5 ft but will go up to 12ft when i use it outside. A heavy duty manfrotto tripod is used to lash the pole to.

When I set it up outside I'll be staking the legs to the ground or weighing down the legs for stability in the wind.


Close-up of the plate fixture used to connect the (2) dipoles together and a 90 deg coax adapter.



125cm (220mhz) ground plane antenna I built and used to good effect until i bought a 220 mag mount
and put it in the attic on a large pizza tin. I put a loop on top to run the twine through,
and loops on the bottom for safety (to prevent eye poking).


Close up of 220 Mhz ground plane I built



When I had my Kenwood TS-2000X, I wanted to test the 1.2ghz band so I made this
1/4 wave ground plane for 23cms. It's tiny! About 4" tall.



ELK 2m/440 long periodic

* 2M Gain 6.6 dbd (8.7 dBi) * 440 Gain 7 dBd (9 dBi) * 20 +dB Front to Back Ratio * 24 Inch Boom Length
* 1:1 SWR 144-148 Mhz, 430-450 Mhz * 200W Max Power 2M, 100W 440 * Weighs 1.5 lbs.




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