The Northeast Weak Signal Group and VHF/UHF Conference

Crown Plaza Hotel, Enfield, CT April 21-23, 2007

I had a good time and learned a lot at my first weak signal/microwave convention.
Here are some pictures of the event.


Dale Clement - AF1T - At the Microwave Workshop. He is holding the 10Ghz transceiver/dish that he built


Paul Wade - W1GHZ - One of the Co-authors of the UHF/Microwave projects book was one of the speakers at the Microwave Workshop



Dale Clement - AF1T - Demonstrating his 10Ghz FM transceiver



Mickey Bergh - W1MKY - Holding her hand made 10Ghz transceiver/dish


Grant "Chip" Taylor - W1AIM demonstrates his 10Ghz FM transceiver. He was on the cover of CQ Amateur Radio
Magazine for his microwave hilltoping adventures


Richard Rosen - K1DS - Gives a talk on his 30+ years of rover operation on 50Mhz - 10Ghz


Band Session for 3 - 10 Ghz

Seated nearest is the Rohde & Schartz rep testing amateur radio equipment and demonstrating their products. Seated in back is K1WHS, Dave Olean

A Spectrum Analyzer that goes up to 40Ghz - Wow!


This nice rover vehicle was spotted in the conference parking lot




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