220 mhz

I recently found a really nice condition Yaesu FT-33R handheld 220 mhz band HT (1992 vintage) in the box so i bought it. I'm having fun building antennas and getting on the 1.25 cm repeaters. Here are some pictures of the radio and a ground plane I built to use with the HT for when i'm in the shack. The rubber duck antenna antenna works well when portable but to reach out I now have the ground plane. I hit one repeater 70 miles away with this antenna indoors and 3 W of power.

The Yeasu FT-33R HT 220-225 Mhz 5W output and 10 memories, stock antenna


I added a Workman W220 antenna to the FT-33R to get more range


Here is the ground plane antenna cut for 224 Mhz. It only took about 30 min to construct



I used screws and nuts to connect the ground plane elements instead of soldering.
The nickel or stainless connector is difficult to solder to, so I find this way works better for me.


My VX-6R includes the 220 Mhz band at 1.5 W output (5W for 2m & 440)


Alinco DR-235T 220 mhz mobile radio. 100 memories, 25 W FM transceiver. I'm using this transceiver as my base 220 radio.
I'll be using my HT for portable and mobile. This is a reallly nice radio and easy to program. I had it up and running
in no time through intuitive programming and a well written and excellent 7 x 10" full size illustrated manual.



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